Weight Management and Metabolism Optimization
Find out your current metabolic rate and how you can improve it. Through thorough examination and laboratory testing, identification of a hormone deficiency, food sensitivity or micronutrient deficiency may be the cause of a slowed metabolism or other symptoms.
Food Sensitivity Testing
Inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system due to food intolerance has been linked to multiple problems, including fatigue, weight gain, digestive disorders and more. A simple blood test can determine what foods you are sensitive to.
Micronutrient Testing
Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies contribute to inflammation, aging and weight gain. With easy identification of these deficiencies, we provide a supplementation plan for immediate symptom relief and improved metabolism.
IV Therapy
With custom tailored mixtures, our office will provide supplements, vitamins and minerals through intravenous and intramuscular therapy to provide immediate results.

Dr. Nancy Rahnama is a board certified Internist and Bariatric Physician practicing medicine in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.

She obtained her Bachelors and Masters in Physiology from the University of California, Los Angeles and then pursued her medical education at the Keck School of Medicine, at the University of Southern California. She was later trained in Internal Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where she developed an interest in Preventive Medicine through lifestyle changes. Dr. Rahnama treats children, adolescents, adults and postpartum mothers, guiding them through a customized treatment plan and creating lifelong results.