This protein, composed of 3 amino acids, acts as a potent antioxidant. Recent studies show its benefit in treating Parkinson’s disease symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease. Glutathione is also a therapeutic option for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Glutathione is used by the liver to metabolize Tylenol, alcohol and other oxidants. By administering this protein through IV, we aid the liver in rejuvenation in order to improve the livers function of fat metabolism and energy production.

Glutathione is key component of liver detoxification.



  • • Liver diseases
  • • Asthma
  • • Athletic performance enhancement
  • • Depression
  • • Parkinson’s Disease
  • • Multiple Sclerosis
  • • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • • Metabolism
  • • Fatigue


IV glutathione may be added to a Myers’ cocktail for added detox.